On the 11th of July, 2019, Scholars, scientists, engineers and academia from all over the country gathered at the Oyoyo Hall for the first Villanova International Conference with the theme ‘New Trends in Science, Technology, Management and Social Sciences in Africa’. The conference was organized by the School in collaboration with the Association for the Promotion of African Studies.

In his welcome address, the Converner/Rector Prof Kanu Ikechukwu Anthony, OSA, thanks the participants for coming. He quoted Vincent V. Gogh “Great things are not done by impulse, but by series of small things brought together” to show that he believed our little contributions to knowledge is a step in the right direction as the institution has risen to the challenge of research as a tertiary institution of learning..

The lead paper presented by Prof Benjamin Ekundayo Olufemi, JP, FCVSN, highlighted the various developmental trends in science, technology, management and social sciences. In his presentation, Prof Olufemi pointed out the need for the use of technology with moral and predicted some possible inventions to be looked out for during the second half of the year.

Award Presentation

Highlight of the conference opening ceremony was the presentation of awards to deserving individuals who have contributed to the development of the school

  1. Professor Benjamin Ekundayo Olufemi, a doctor of veterinary medicine and fellow of the College of Veterinary Surgeons Nigeria, who is also the pioneer Rector of the Polytechnic, Imesi Ile. He was awarded for his service during his tenure.
  2. Engr. Michael Ayodeji Esho. He was the second Rector of the Polytechnic Imesi Ile. He was awarded for his contribution towards the growth of the Institution
  3. Mr. Bablola Fasesin: Mr Fasesin, who served as the third Rector of the Polytechnic Imesi Ile. He is a member of Nigeria Institute of Physics (NIP), Science Teacher’s Association of Nigeria among others. He was recognized for his immerse contribution to the school and the community.
  4. Rev. Fr. Babs Augustine Awoyemi (OSA). Fr Awoyemi is the immediate past rector and pioneer Rector of Villanova Polytechnic Imesi Ile. A man who has served in various capacities in the Church, Fr Babs was instrumental during the transition phase of the Institution.

Paper Presentation

Presenters took turn to share their findings on various topics relating to the theme. Some of the topics are:

  1. On the Origin and Principles of Igwebuike Philosophy: Philosophy in Search for a scientific Basis (Rev. Fr. Prof. Kanu I.A. OSA)
  2. Variables Related to Administrative effectiveness in Higher Institutions in Ekiti State Nigeria (Sr. Dr. Omojola I.O SSMA)
  3. Hybrid Data Security: A review of cryptography and stenography techniques (Asanbe M.O.)
  4. Development of Electronic Time Lock Control for Security System (Oni E.O. and Olawuni A.)
  5. Challenges and way out of Cyber security issues in Nigeria (Adenusi, D.A.)
  6. Igwebuike Research Methodology: Towards A new Trend for Scientific and Holistic Investigation (Rev. Fr. Prof. Kanu I.A. OSA)
  7. Humanities and other knowledge domains: a developmental pathway to excellence (Taiwo A.O)
  8. New Trends of Relationship of History Studies to Nigerian Educational System for National Development (Dr. Alike N.M and Onebunne J.I)
  9. Corporate Social Responsibility as a Strategy for Maximizing Positive Image of Nigerian Breweries PLC (Pinheiro O.S., Sanyaolu O. and Adesemowo O.R.)
  10. Media, Fake News, Hate Speech and Nigerian Society (Alade A., Pinheiro O.S. and Sanyaolu)
  11. Risk Management and Adult Education in Nigerian University (Sr. Dr. Omojola I.O., SSMA)


  1. Sr. Dr. Omojola Immaculata Olu, SSMA. LOC                  Chairperson
  2. Fadoro J.O.                                                                        Member
  3. Taiwo A.O.                                                                          Member

4 Oni E.O.                                                                               Member

  1. Asanbe M.O.LOC                                                               Secretary
  2. Rev. Fr. Prof. Kanu I.A. OSA                                             Convener